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Hi everyone! I decided to make my own VEGAN version of the original video done by Brothers Green Eats titled “How to live on $3 a day”. So this is going to be How To Live on $3 (£2) a day VEGAN STYLE.

Original video by Brothers Green Eats – How to live on $3 a day –

I’m tired of people mistaking the vegan diet to be something only the “elite” can do. Veganism is for EVERYONE and some of the cheapest foods on the planet are VEGAN by nature. Animal products have only become somewhat cheap because of extreme factory farming, government subsidisation and a whole load of other sketchy political reasons. Vegan food including rice, beans/legumes/lentils, potatoes, pasta, corn, etc. are some of the cheapest foods out there and you can do a LOT with these basics.

I took on a challenge to live on $3 or £2 per day for five days, and this was what I ate for day 1, and what I’ve purchased up to this point.I did this at the end of November – beginning of December.

Here are some of the “rules” and guidelines that I made for myself –
1. I can only spend £10 total in the five days of the challenge on food & drinks, with the exception of condiments and spices that I already had in the house.
2. I will attempt to make each meal different and not eat the same thing every day (so not really doing any bulk meal prepping or something like that which I would normally do!)
3. I will try to be as creative and healthy as possible!

What I purchased (so far) –

500g dry chick peas – £1.09
Asda smart price spaghetti 500g- £0.30
Potatoes 2.5kg – £1.69
Tesco everyday value white rice (1kg) – £0.45
Carrots 1kg – £0.50
KTC chopped tomatoes 3 cans – £1.00
Tesco everyday value porridge oats (1kg) – £0.75
asda smart price mixed veggies frozen (1kg) – £0.77
asda frozen button sprouts (1kg) – £1.00
6 bananas – £0.62
Tesco everyday value soy milk 1L – £0.59

What I have left – £1.24

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7 thoughts on “How To Live On $3 a Day – VEGAN EDITION (part 1) | Cheap Lazy Vegan

  1. I think the condiment cheat is fine with this challenge but I’d stick to things I could get in packets for free

  2. Hello I love your channel! Gives me lots of meal prep ideas. I just have a reasonable video suggestion. Could there be an honest review from your vegan friend on the recipes? And if you can do a more challenging if they can review a food you prepped 4 days ago. I think it’ll be really cool

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