Easy Vegan Pizza – Healthy Recipe Channel

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This Vegan Pizza is super easy to make. You are basically just assembling the ingredients then baking in your oven on high heat. I have so many easy vegan recipes coming for you guys and also our new #gardentotable series. Stay tuned for some exciting news and upcoming videos.
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10 thoughts on “Easy Vegan Pizza – Healthy Recipe Channel

  1. It’s ok to be lazy sometimes lol. I really like the fresh garlic idea. I haven’t done that before but I really like garlic.

  2. Oh *YUMMY* !! Looks absolutely delish:) May I ask what kind of camera you’re using? The quality is superb👍

    1. Heather Bleu Thanks so much, if you click the link in the description it will show you all the filming equipment we use. 😊

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