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Here are my 20 easy eco-friendly lifestyle hacks for reducing waste in your home. These green tips and tricks will help you live a more green and minimalist lifestyle. A lot of people think that making eco-friendly life changes are expensive and require specialty products. The truth is there are easy and affordable swaps you can make. It is NOT difficult or expensive to be eco friendly.




What we throw out goes back into our food supply. Everything runs in a cycle and mindless consumption is corrupting that cycle. This is not just an environmental issue, it’s a YOU issue. The average American is expected to throw away 90,000 pounds of trash in their lifetime.

Cutting down on plastic is imperative to insuring our wildlife and food supply does not become completely wiped out for future generations. The ocean is a big concern for me with our coral dying all over the planet as plastic whirlpools the size of continent are forming, extinguishing entire species and killing countless marine wildlife. If a washed up whale stomaching 64 pounds of plastic they had digested doesn’t make you sick, I really don’t know what else to say. Hopefully those are enough reasons for you to care, now let’s get into the swaps.


1. WRAPPAS Reusable food wraps:

2. Reusable Swell Water Bottle:

3. KEEPCUP Coffee Cup:

-8oz plastic:
-16oz plastic:
-8oz glass:
-16oz glass:

4. Reusable Glass Straws:

5. Home Cutlery vs Plastic Cutlery:

– Stainless Steel Chopsticks:
– Utility Professional Cutlery 4 Piece Set:

6. Reusable Shopping Bags:

7. Tea Strainer:

8. Bare Bar Soap:

9. Cloth vs paper products:

-Microfiber cloths:

10. Silicone Baking Mats:

11. Make your own Cleaning products:

-Cinnamon Essential Oil:
-Tea Tree Essential Oil:
– Lavender Essential Oil:
-Spray bottle:


12. Dryer Balls:

13. Clean Period:

-Diva Cup:
-THINX Period panties: (GET 20% OFF)

14. Compost Kitchen Catcher:

15. Reusable tupperware:

-Mason Jars:
-Glass Tupperware:
-Lunch boxes:

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7 thoughts on “20 WAYS TO REDUCE WASTE | Easy Sustainable Lifestyle Hacks | Zero Waste for Beginners | The Edgy Veg

  1. I do most of these…. diva cup is the best thing ever!! We use cloth napkins, I make all my cleaning products, laundry soap, I use bar soap for my hair and body I buy my toothpaste in a glass jar… I am watching this video while cleaning out my stainless steel straws 🤣 I also clean out any glass jars from food and reuse them. It’s amazing how many jars pile up in a short time. ✌✌✌👍👍👍

  2. Yea so, I just came across your channel and DUDE! You have literally started a fire under my a** to start living a zero waste life! *currently binge watching your vids* thanks 😬

  3. Being a brit I find it ridiculous every time someone from the US or Canada calls “baking paper” ( the paper you use for oven baking) “parchment paper”
    It’s dumb to do so because the word parchment is synonymous with paper( they basically mean the same thing ) by saying “parchment paper” you are actually saying “paper paper”
    Hence why over in the U.K. we refer to it as “baking paper” because it’s paper use BAKE things on.

  4. I loveeeee this! Great video and my fiancé and I are trying to be more eco friendly so I’m so thankful for
    This video! ❤️🤗

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