Vegan Samoas~ Girl Scout Copy Cat Recipe

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Yes it is true! My favorite Girl Scout cookie just went VEGAN! Well, not exactly, I mean the Girl Scout bakers did not include the Samoa in the vegan list this year so I had to make my own!




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9 thoughts on “Vegan Samoas~ Girl Scout Copy Cat Recipe

  1. Gretchen they look amazing! My favorite GS cookies 😍. They look better than the originals! 🙂♥️

  2. I love that you share which methods didn’t work as well, you teach us some invaluable kitchen lessons. Saving us a lot of sticky finnicking! It is so much easier to follow along when you explain WHY you are asking us to do something a certain way. I might be very stubborn, but I get so pissy about someone saying “add the liquid in increments”/”sift into a separate bowl”/”hold up in the light of a full moon” or something, when I have successfully dumped it all in before, and it was a huge success. Sometimes I feel certain chefs are just trying to create as much dishes as possible, or somehow make it harder for us regular mortals to approach cooking. Haha, anyway. This might have made me needlessly harsh, but my point was that I appreciate your channel SO much, and you are amazing!

  3. Hey Gretchen! Thanks again for another great recipe. Hum! I wonder how much supplemental income could be generated from the sell of all these different totally awesome vegan cookies. I think it’s time to check into and get a cottage food permit/license. I bet a person would have no problem selling wholesale to local produce markets in their area. Gee I
    wonder why us Boy Scouts were never allowed to sell cookies. Why it got to be Girl Scout Cookies. I know, OMG how could he! I guess all the ones of us that have learned OMG how could they is exactly part of the reason why we are different and choose to be a part of this big ole recipe of life in this most excellent reality. I never liked the idea of marching in the band when I always knew deep in my heart that the sound of my own drum was so much sweeter. Gretchen I mean this from the bottom of my heart, nevermind others and never give up. Toot your horn and beat that drum girl. Next to my own yours is one of the sweetest I have ever heard. Oh yeah and we have to remember to dance or else we gonna be looking like the Dounut Man and the Enegizer Bunny had a baby. When you are done laughing remember to keep having a great day. I love you girl!

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