The Bad British Bake off – Vegan Week! (Ginger Bread Cookies)

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Hay all. As you know christmas is coming up and the gingerbread craze is about so I am trying a little something this week, and stepping out of my comfort zone and baking (as you can tell I don’t do this often) and introducing to you a very dear friend of mine, Shannon-Rae!

Please be aware that we are not good bakers, I have never attempted to bake cookies in my life, nor has shannon. So my instructions were NOT the best… lol.Neither is my filming of the actual baking itself. I also do not really take much part in the baking process and I get too excited about things like this and just like to talk and mess around and not be focused, whereas Shan likes to get shit done and take over and be a perfectionist (literally describes our friendship in a sentence).

I have actually made these again, with all my heart and soul and they turned out to be pretty banging.. especially because this time I followed the recipe, so i’ll leave the link to the recipe here:

Please enjoy this video of me and my best friend just having the time of our lives really and a day in the life of Tilly and Shannon. I hope you enjoy.. p.s Shannon is really camera shy.

Peace and lurvvvvv.

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