Testing WEIRD Food Hacks | Vegan White Chocolate Popcorn Bowl from Scrumdiddlyumptious

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Recently scrumdiddlyumptious uploaded a food hack video, claiming that their white chocolate popcorn bowl would lead to an unforgettable movie night. Does it work and can I make it vegan?

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7 thoughts on “Testing WEIRD Food Hacks | Vegan White Chocolate Popcorn Bowl from Scrumdiddlyumptious

  1. looks delish but why not just spread the popcorn out on parchment paper and then drizzle melted chocolate over it? lol love your vids! xoxo

  2. My guess is they painted a chilled bowl with white chocolate before doing that whole thing with the rest of the popcorn and the chocolate — turning it into a bowl. Who knows.

  3. LISTEN. I make popcorn because it is a quick, easy, mess free snack. I don’t care if this hack did work, I’m not about to dirty 2 bowls to make a 3rd bowl to eat my popcorn out of when you know I finish it before the movie starts. POUR YOUR DAMN CHOCOLATE OVER YOUR POPCORN AND CALL IT A DAY. end rant.

  4. Yeah most of these hack videos are generally bullshit. I worked with a producer who used to work for one of them. They told me that they focus on making videos that can be edited quickly & be recycled in other hack video complications for social media.

    Most of the time they skip steps or swap out the hack prop with another prop entirely lol.

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