Cast Iron (VEGAN) Pizza

Follow along as I prepare one of my favorite weeknight meals - cast iron pizza. This pizza is quick, delicious, and a total crowd-pleaser. You're sure to love it. Total time: 30m Total Cost: $5

Sausage vegan pizza and Hot Topics

Join us as we have a nice meal and talk about Hot topics like r. Kelly and more! For Holistic information Email us at If you find this content valuable please donate. Don't Forget to SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT & SHARE!

Bengal Gram Cakes Curry | Dhokar Dalna | A Superb Vegetarian Recipe!

Dhokar Dalna or Bengal Gram Cakes Curry is a very popular Bengali vegetarian dish. It is usually cooked on special occasions. This is my simplified version and it turns out perfect everytime. Before the advent of mixers and food processors, making the dhoka was a long drawn process. The lentil would